How your happiness will help you be a better mum.

How your happiness will help you be a better mum.Today you wake up different, a little happier, a little more energetic and full of love for your kids. Mums have such an awesome, powerful and demanding job to being a great parent. We get judged, we get compliments.we all try our best.

What is something that makes you happy ?

How can I be a happy parent ?

Be positive

Having a good positive feel about everything it completely changes us. Being positive is about showing you care more. Life brings us up and down and if we don’t stay positive we drown emotionally. We become unmotivated or angry at our adorable kids.

Once we replace our negative thoughts with positive ones , we’ll get positive results too .

It’s so true! For example: our kids make mistakes so many times a day. They don’t listen .

We ask them to stop 🛑 but they don’t.

We might get angry, we might yell, we might tell them off.

It’s hard in these situations to keep calm but we have to keep in mind that they are our kids. Going through hard times is part of the game. Every game has its obstacles and our kids show theirs too. Best thing to do is to look at the sunny side of everything and make our optimism come true.

Next time before yelling or doing something not nice. Think twice . Tell yourself: – I am not gonna yell . I am not gonna punish. That’s what I do myself. At the end of the day I think about how my day has been. If I got too angry I feel so bad , and it hurts me for not being good enough to my children. There is nothing better than closing the day with you feeling good . With your kids happy. That makes me happy and I am sure it makes you too.

All happiness depends on courage and work.

Treat yourself.

Get yourself ready. Make yourself feel good . Whenever I don’t get ready I end up being very unmotivated and unhappy and also struggle with making my kids enjoy every part of the day. It’s not selfish to show a little more attention to yourself. Everybody does. Our kids want attention 24/7 and we need little attention too.

This is my go-to.Leave your house as messy as it is and go out. If I was to do all the cleaning before going out my kids would be feeling horrible. Having a clean house is amazing but who loves cleaning all the time?! If it’s something you don’t enjoy that much it takes so much of you and the kids. then leave the house as it is, just like I do , and enjoy running around with them. It makes me forget so many things . Sometimes I just tell myself I have nothing to do but smile today and get as many smiles as I can from my miracles .

Get some coffee . Probably you are someone who doesn’t drink coffee and I used to be that one. A lot of people drink at least a cup of coffee a day as a way to boost their energy. Having a coffee ☕️ makes you feel good , it gives you energy and lots of happy moments. I am not a coffee addict but I love a coffee once a day. I am not regular through. It doesn’t have to be coffee. It could be any drink you like. Finally you sit and just enjoy couple of minutes doing nothing but having a moment to yourself.

I would really love for everyday to wake up with a huge smile on my face , and end the day just the same. Being happy makes me a better mum. I think different, I act different and I talk different. We might not be happy everyday and even when we’re not happy we are not bad. We’re just human beings.

Happiness doesn’t come ready-made . It comes from our own actions.

Think for the best, work for the best and expect the best.

I hope you liked reading it! I have expressed so much about how I feel and what I do to feel better. Leave your comment if you can relate.

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