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Vax power washer REVIEW

Is VAX  power washer going to make my carpets super clean?

Carpet! we clean them all the time. We try to make sure every little dirt is taken out. Our little kids deserve growing up in a nice and clean environment.  I am thinking about germs every time I see them pick up food from the floor. All kids do, don’t they?

When we bought this house we fitted new carpets.  But, has just vacuuming them kept them clean?

What comes with?

  1. Carpet Washer
  2. Hose
  3. carpet  and pre-treatment solution (1 each )
  4. pre -treatment wand
  5. Spinscrub tool
  6. Hard floor adaptor
  7. Vax bag (accessories)

I bought Vax Power  Max Platinum a few weeks ago . Before power cleaning , I vacuumed the carpets and got them ready.  I was happy to start as soon as possible. But will this carpet washer get my carpets sparkling clean again?

I started with my bedroom carpet which had a lot of stains, make up stains, shoe spots and little dirty patches. The power cleaner washed everything out except  for some red make up spots. I didn’t use pre- treatment so I think that’s why they didn’t come off.


My stair carpet is old . Due to lots of work that is needed to be done , we kept them. Of course we didn’t want to destroy the new carpets. I knew they had so much dirt on them from previous work that was done in our house. With the spinscrub tool I went step by step to clean it. The hose extracted all the dirt which was A LOT . Cleaning the stairs is more time-consuming. Spinscrub tool is easy to use but it takes quite a lot hard work. I felt cleaning the stairs really tiring for my hands and arms.

Dirty water tank.

The tanks are separate and you only use clean water to wash the carpets. The dirty water stays in the other tank. I got so much pleasure into seeing the water in the tank go dark. I knew it was working. My carpets were getting perfectly clean and safe for the kids to play on. Probably I should have cleaned more . Soon i will , its there in the shed waiting to clean again.

Sofa and Chairs

My sofa looks like new. All the dirt extracted from years of use made me feel great. The fact that I was getting the dirt out instead of just brushing it to eliminate the smell was amazing. My sofa and chairs smell fresh and clean now.

My kids pram

I washed  my kids pram. it’s perfectly clean now. Yes, you can wash the pram too. It’s so easy and quick. All the food stains came out right away and the smell from spilling everything  is gone.  It dried so quickly and I can clean it more often now.

To sum up, this product is so handy and easy to use. When carpets get dirty i don’t need to worry anymore. It only takes a couple of minutes to get them shining again. Honestly there was dirt in my house that I wasn’t aware of . It all got picked up and my carpets look new and fresh again.

This is an honest review, not sponsored and I really recommend it!

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