Mum life & my childhood school memories. The worst!

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On this blog post I decided to talk about how motherhood has brought into my mind so many memories from my childhood. I grew up in a poor small town by the beach which by the way it has so much potential and it’s beautiful. I did my primary and secondary school there up until the age of 15.  High-school years  15-18 was only  a few minutes away from my little town.

Two years ago I became a mum for the first time and it absolutely wonderful. Now I have two amazing little toddlers who have completely changed me. They have made me the happiest person on earth. These moments are precious to me and from time to time some moments of my childhood spoil it completely. Sadly some of the worst memories come to my mind.

Strangely I had forgotten them up until now that I have kids. I am overprotective! Sometimes I just cannot help but feel scared about anything happening to my kids. My hands shake and my eyes become blurred as I write this.

I feel angry!

As a little child my first school years I remember being shy. Our school was newly built but it was so poor. In my mind I have grey tiles, ugly uncomfortable seats, cold rooms and a blackboard that honestly reflects more than it could. We had some great teachers there which I am not going to mention much about them. Today I wanna talk about the ones who I feel deserve no admiration at all.

I hated going to school. There are no words to explain what I feel right now. At school we were beaten and slapped almost repeatedly for making noise. I got this moment on  my mind where 22 kids would be put in a row of two. The teacher with a long square wooden  stick ,quite thick would hit our hands. That second our hands paralysed completely and all of us crying would head home. I remember her once saying that next time I’ll hit the back of your hands and not the palm because you don’t feel enough pain. I am talking about kids aged 06-10 years old. Isn’t that sick?

I wonder if that gave her any pleasure?

She wasn’t the only one!

It’s awful to know a little vulnerable child gets hit by someone older, who has more strength and feel themselves powerful over those kids.

Hey you! Would you hit someone your age? Someone who has your strength and the ability to mentally and physically challenge you? Then why hit girls and boys who come to school to learn, to be in a safe environment, to become someone successful.

Secondary school was slightly better. A lot more happier but there was still violence. The headmaster was one of the most worst. I think even teachers where scared of telling him off for his actions because they didn’t want to be fired. It infuriates me how they still agreed with his actions. If you’re not guilty of an action, it makes you an accomplice.

Whenever a child was hit they were alone. No other teacher would show some love and support to that kid. Ask them if they’re fine or if they need a cup of water , or maybe they need 5 mins to calm down. To be a teacher and have no manners at all , that’s a complete disgrace.

Female teachers slapping little minor girls.

Excuse yourself dear! You are a woman hitting an innocent girl, aren’t you?  How do you dare? She’s not even your daughter. Would you hit your daughter without feeling the pain in your heart yourself? Then don’t hit somebody else’s daughters. Don’t encourage violence in woman. Don’t make them think it’s normal, teach them to fight against anyone and not be stopped. Teach them to be strong because life is beautiful and they deserve to live it’s best. But NO! You decided to stomp them with your feet because that’s what you are someone who was stomped before.

why those teachers hit, slap ?

Kids go unprepared to school and that’s not new. It has always happened and it will but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be violent to any child at all.

I personally think they didn’t care much about us students. A good student is treated with respect and is given courage to learn. Those teachers had their own problems and that’s perfectly normal , nobody’s life is perfect. BUT they bring their stress and problems into school environment, so being unprepared on a day like that , makes these vulnerable kids their stress ball. That’s their way to realise stress.


If today you’d ask why do/ did you hit these school kids? They will say:- I did it for their benefit, I want them to be successful. What an irony, you hit them for their benefit and what are you teaching instead? Violence, aggression, anger etc. Kids learn from your actions , from parents actions, they didn’t come prepared into this world. If you are abusive they will learn to be abusive, if you show love and support they will show it too. Kids can be irritating and as a teacher you should be prepared to face and change their actions in a good way. One day they will be powerful and you’ve taught them slapping over caring, hitting over sharing, violence over love . What do you suppose you are going to get? How does it feel to be slapped in the face in your last years same as you did with us our first years of life?

Dear teachers out there , what goes around, comes around . Probably you’ll get what you gave someday to the next generation.

Treat your students with respect to get respect, show them love to be loved someday, give them courage, hope and knowledge for the future ahead. AND you’ll be remembered as a wise, great, honourable teacher.

This goes to all of the teachers I remember to be violent, they also know they are (still to this day) . Please change today ! I know you will someday !

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