Travelling alone with two kids. What I dreaded the most?!

Travelling alone with two kids.


This summer we planned to go in Albania on our holiday. My husband had to go a couple of days before we went. So I was going to travel with both kids alone. There were days I felt stressed just thinking about it but I knew I was gonna make it. At least I kept telling myself that.

A two-hour drive was ahead of us, and dear daughter slept almost all the way at the airport. Son is always excited about driving so he stayed quite observing out the window . Obviously he knew he was gonna see daddy so that made him even happier. 35 minutes later and DD (dear daughter) woke up and DS didn’t want to be strapped any longer so they started crying. My kids love rhymes so in the next 30 mins I was singing and driving. Luckily we made it there and gave them the freedom they wanted

What was about to come at the airport was crazy. We checked the passports with as many tears and screams they could give. Of course I didn’t blame them the queue was long and boring . It was time we went through check in. Giving all our belongings to be checked made my son so upset . He was screaming and crying so much his face went red and washed in tears. When they took his little travel stroller it fired the whole situation up but we had no other choice other than be as quick as we could so we get them back. We were left with his hat and our shoes on . They didn’t ask us to take them.

As we went through the scanner the red light beeped and we had to be checked further , give our shoes and his hat and the same story again. As dear daughter was hearing him scream she started her own , now I had two kids throwing tantrums and screaming their throats out. The officers there tried giving stickers but none cared about them. Finally we got all our stuff back, a happy smile and we were good to go.

We decided to sit and eat something while we wait. Ordered their favourite pizza and water and spent quite sometime there watching kids tv on the phone. Afterwards we decided to go to a play area which was amazing. Before that we had lots of snacks and toilet trips and it was time to rest and have fun the next two hours wait.

The flight.

Our day was long and tiring and getting on the plane it felt as if we were going to bed. Before takeoff I gave them some snacks and milk, and as we took off DS went to sleep. Perfect timing! DD had a nap before we got in the plane , at least I only had to entertain one child. The 3 hour flight went smooth until just before landing they started crying. Probably the pressure in their ears , felt bored or had enough of the flight. Last 5 minutes were nuts with two crying kids.

We landed

Finally we landed! Really happy to have arrived safe and sound and happy to see daddy too. My kids hate queues and we had to wait at passports control too. Of course it couldn’t go without tantrums but I was happy cause it was almost over. DS decided to run away from me , cross border control and I had no way I could get to him having DD strapped in the stroller . Thank goodness someone helped and brought him back to me. As boring as it is to wait we made it ! We met daddy there and he was over excited about it.

Travelling with two kids it’s not easy. This was my first time and I felt like I managed well. Nothing can prepare you for a normal day at home let alone if you are flying somewhere. It’s been a great learning experience, I wish whenever I need to fly alone with them again they will behave better and I’ll know a lot more tricks to make them happy while waiting.

This trip has boosted my confidence about travelling with them. I don’t have to feel stressed out a month before I do something with them anymore. I know meeting all their needs is not possible but at least we learn our way out.


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