I Coo sleep and I love it!

Coo sleeping as a term.

Coo sleeping is when little babies and young toddlers are kept close to their parents in their room. Bed sharing, side sleeping, cots in the parents room but not in the kids room.

Coo sleeping might not seem like a great idea to everyone. Before I had my son I never thought of coo sleeping as an option. Here we come! Baby was here , sleepless nights were real, tiredness was at the limit plus baby sleeps were short in his crib. One night I decided to bring him over to my bed and I had the best night in a long time.

Why coo sleep?

As i said above coo sleeping isn’t for everyone. There are parents who love it and parents who are against it. Before deciding to coo sleep you must know the benefits and the negatives about doing so.

I coo slept with my son on and off his first year. When he turned one we decided to side share which means taking one side of the cot and put the beds close together. It has worked perfectly and we are so happy. He’s 2.5 years and loves being close to us.

With my daughter we have been bed sharing since she was 4 months old. It’s started as a frequent breast-feeding pattern to a proper bed sharing habit. She’s one now and absolutely have no plans on stopping. It feels so good to have her by my side .

I tried sleep training.

When dear son was 15 months old I decided to go for sleep training. I was getting prepared to welcome my second baby so I wanted him to sleep well and probably take him to his own room. Before starting I did a lot of research. I read books from the library. I thought I was ready. It was the weekend and I was gonna have my husband’s help too. I chose to use The Ferber method and here’s what happened.

After attempts of trying … few days later.

I showered him as usual, got his bottle and got ready for bed. I made sure I was following his routine to detail. I laid him down in his cot, gave him a kiss goodnight. When he saw that I was leaving he became very agitated. Left his milk and didn’t stop crying. After 2 minutes I went in to reassure him and oh if you could see his happy face. I did the same thing, gave his bottle and kissed him goodnight and turned my back to leave. This time he was banging his head on the cot , crying and screaming in the worst possible way. Completely heartbreaking! Waited 4 minutes to go back in , when he saw me he got scared. He was trying to run away from me. His eyes were staring at me and his screams were killing me. He didn’t want to be touched from me and I felt the worst mum on this planet . Dear husband came and calmed his down. I quit sleep training from that moment. I want to raise a happy child who loves me and not remember me as a terrible mom.

The benefits I have noticed in coo sleeping with my kids.

There are many benefits into coo sleeping. I see it on my kids and makes me happy and reassured that I am doing it the right way. My kids feel very secure and warm close to me. I wake up many times to cover them and make sure they are safe. Separation anxiety is not something we have to go through. My son hasn’t been a very good sleeper but he’s become a very good one. I have to admit that the most needed time to be close together is when they are ill. Being able to check on them many times gives me ease and get a little sleep too. My husband loves having them in our room. He is a very hardworking man and having them close makes him less guilty for not spending enough time with them. Now, this is the best part ,wake up time, mornings are just amazing. We love waking up with smiling babies all around. What’s sweeter that hugs and kisses for breakfast?. We have created a very strong bond together. I know that soon they will be ready to move to their own bedroom and we’ll be able to stretch out and sleep better. But deep down I am going to miss these days.


  • We have our bed-share and side-share arrangements and we are also smoke free and non alcohol users.
  • Drug use and alcohol are associated with poor outcome to bed sharing so if you are using any of those please stop bed sharing.
  • If you are taking medication that makes you feel sleepy.
  • If you have had premature baby.
  • If baby had a very low birth weight.
  • If baby has fever.
  • If you are smoking.

Be responsible for your children please.


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