A letter to my daughter on her first birthday.

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday.

Today is a very special day. It’s your first birthday my adorable darling. It’s been a year since I got you in my arms. I touched your delicate body and felt your breath for the first time. I was so delighted when you were born. You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.

You’ve got the sweetest smile. Your angelic face, your beautiful eyes and your chubby thighs make me fall for you everyday. You are my precious little girl.

It’s been a year filled with emotions , ups and downs, laughter and cry. My heart feels huge as I write this. The day you were born you challenged me for a moment. You weren’t breathing or crying and for a split second everything stopped, my heart too. When you decided to let your voice be heard and breathe close to my chest I fell in love with you. I was prepared for everything, hard times, sleepless nights, jealousy, absolutely everything. I will always keep you close just as you love it.

It has been an amazingly wonderful year. We couldn’t have planned it better. Having you in a close age to your brother has been a bless. Alex has always been a good brother to you and he makes me laugh cause he calls you baby . He is jealous of you sometimes but you have made him the happiest big brother. You two are together everywhere from bed to the end of the garden making mischief.

There are things I would love for you to remember from your first year. We’ve got the biggest smile from you when you were 2 months. That’s when you started playing with toys too. A month later you tried yogurt for the first time. I have got to say that even though you were tinny your little tummy was very hungry. You’ve grown so quickly to crawl. Funny baby you are huh. I have seen you bang your head and cry just in purpose to get my attention. I caught you drinking my wine when you were only 9 months . That was hilarious and also caught on camera. You are so little and so smart. At 8 months you were saying , bye, baba,mama. My little genius.


I will always be by your side. You have in me not just a mum but a friend, a sister someone who loves you for who you are and wants to share everything with you. Sometimes I feel not a good enough mum but I try my best to be the one who is always gonna be there for you no matter what. Years go by so quickly and I want to enjoy this precious time with you, your innocence, your love and your sweetness. You are such an independent baby and you still need me the most. I love you with every heartbeat. I am so proud to be your mum. I am so happy to have you in my arms. You are special, you are pure love. I close my eyes and I think soon you’ll grow to be an independent lady, I am scared. I want to hold you in my arms and keep you close to me.

No matter what life brings on our way. I’ll be there for you to care and protect you. Please learn from everything you can. Be the lady I know you can be. I want you to follow the path next to me but go further than I ever dreamed off.

You are so loved by Babi and Alex too. You are our princess.

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