Must haves for parents . SUMMER TIME


This is my fourth summer here in Uk and I have to admit this summer is amazing! The hot weather feels so nice and we are making the best of our days . The sun ! The fun we are having is great. Although we live away from the beach it’s feeling like we’re in Mediterranean. Sun is known for all the good it does to us But we need to take some precautions, don’t we? As parents we are out and about with our kids a lot of the time. Our kids don’t always listen or do what we tell them. They like staying in the sun. Games and friends are so much fun for our kids to be distracted. Making them safe and happy it’s our job so here’s what we do:

Put on your hat: Put on your hat , let’s go outside, hurry up hurry up. That’s what I sing to my son before leaving home. He loves his hat and he puts it straightaway. Dear daughter doesn’t like having a hat at all. Other options?

Sunscreen: Sunscreen please! Lots of it. It’s really important to use sunscreen on your kids fragile skin. Exposure to sun is very harmful. Sunburn, premature aging, skin demage and skin cancer is caused by exposure to UV light . So please use sunscreen on you and your kids daily , following all the instructions of the product.

Glasses: Our eyes are very sensitive to strong lights. Kids eyes are much more and must be protected. It’s important to have a pair of them , not only for fashion but for the main reason of protecting our precious eyesight.Aim for shade: Under a tree , create shade for the baby by opening the pushchair shade all the time. Shades are great, much cooler and calmer for both kids and you. Also a little picnic is a great way to spend time under shade.

Drink plenty of water: Its so easy to get dehydrated on the crazy whether. The kids are more prone to dehydration so offer as much water as possible, don’t wait to be asked. It also boosts their metabolism and freshens them and you up.

Going to the beach? You absolutely need an umbrella or tent . As I said shade is very important. Staying in shade between 10am-3pm is a must. Last year we went on holiday in Minorca I got A tent for my son which he sadly hated it. So we stayed under the umbrella mostly. With little kids you must always have more than an option available or you’ll end up having big tantrums.

Snacks: Pack some healthy juicy snacks with you. If you are out and about a lot having snack on hand is a great way to keep them busy ,happy and full. I like packing watermelon, cucumbers and apples most of the time. It’s their favourite fruits. They are juicy, healthy and very satisfying for their little bodies. Don’t forget to pack something for yourself too.

The hot summer weather should not hold us back from enjoying it. Running with the kids , playing outside without forgetting to look after our skin. Let’s be safe and and have fun.


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