9 tips for stay at home mums.

9 Tips for stay at home mums! The moment your husband leaves the door, or if you are like me that’s still sleeping when he leaves the reality that you are alone with the kids sinks in. You have to be very creative to keep them as happy as possible but the more u need to do the harder it gets. It’s so hard it keep up with everything and sometimes you just don’t and have to accept it. Some days are gonna be calm and happy others aren’t gonna be perfect but we live each day with what life brings us . Here I want to share a few tips that I have learnt to get the best out of my day.
  • Clean and tidy up the day before: This is the best tip I could ever give. Waking up in the morning to a messy house completely ruins your day. Before putting my kids to bed I try do do as much as I can / they let me do. So when I come downstairs I can get everything finished and ready for the next day. If you have a baby crawling and a toddler who throws tantrums every hour of the day then this is A MUST DO .
  • Make a plan: It’s crazy how easy we get tired! How our kids get bored so quickly?! What if you had a plan for the day? Having a to do list makes it easier for you to get things done. Well, I might not be the right person to give this advice being one who makes no plans but many mothers swear by it . Why not try it ? I always go with the flow and and our days aren’t perfect but adjustable. I honestly once made a meal plan for a week and I ended up cooking same food for a month. Lol I do stick to the plans though.
  • Wake up before kids do: So easy to say isn’t it? I really love to sleep and enjoy any second until my kids wake up. Whenever I wake up before them I put myself on a start. At least I have brushed my teeth before both are calling for mummy.
  • Put on some make up: Get dressed and ready. Put on some make up, if you’re like me , a little mascara , do your brows and a little blush and you’re ready to go. It makes me feel awake and better about myself .
  • Make your bed: it’s best to do the bed as soon as you wake up. Our busy lives don’t give us time to go over things twice. Sometimes when I don’t make the bed before going downstairs, it will stay like that till noon or maybe all day long. Crazy huh!
  • Get outdoors: Goo out! It’s the best thing to do. I should be telling this to myself more so I keep doing more often. Go to the park. Go for a coffee , see a friend , go shopping it has to be done and kids will get distracted on the store. Maybe stay more than you would so they can get a bit bored. Whenever you can just give yourself and your kids some time outside. Libraries are amazing. Kids just love going there. They can sings , read , take the books of the shelves and put them back. At least your house will be cleaner for a little longer.
  • Do something you love: Throughout the day we get some time for ourselves. I know it’s not too much but it’s enough to read a few pages of your favourite book. Lay out in the sun while your kids play. Listen to your favourite music or do some crafts. I love crafts it makes me more creative and imaginative. It relieves me from stress and makes me feel great.
  • Reward yourself: you are doing the best and hardest job, raising little humans who have so much energy. You really should be doing something about yourself. Go to a hair salon. Do your nails! Maybe a SPA day, wouldn’t it be perfect? This is the least I do but the one I’d love. Seriously who wouldn’t? Having no one to leave my kids with even a necessary dentist appointment becomes a struggle. On weekend when hubby is of work we want to enjoy quality family time so that’s the good times we love which fly so quick.
  • Exercise: Find some time to exercise. I don’t exercise consistently but whenever I do it makes me feel alive. However ,exercising doesn’t have to be always be on purpose of loosing weight or putting muscle , at least I don’t . Consider exercise as a fun thing to do and eventually will get you feeling healthier and happier.
we might not have it together everyday but we are together and that’s what really matters. Mum life is the best and most rewarding job in the world. No matter how hard we try,  things are not going to be perfect. It’s great to adjust new things in our daily routine. Also it’s best when they work and make us and kids happier.

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