The BEST OFF being a stay-at-home-mum.

Why do I love being a stay -at -home-mum? Because I love my kids so much. They are so annoying at times but they are the most adorable, funny, sweet and innocent human beings. In this amazing journey of being a mum I am living it , loving it and for sure enjoying it. The stress and the tiring times are there but I want to just get the best out of it. The best moments that give me as a mum pleasure and satisfaction, joy and pride to be a mum of two little angels. Am I exaggerating it! Absolutely not,

Happy moms make happy babies and it works both ways , so good to make us feel the best. There are little things in life which we forget about, a laughter , a kiss and hug that makes our day. A simple thing that we forget to appreciate and still takes the most important place. Here I want to express some of  the best things I feel and get from being a stay at home  mum. I am not the perfect one but I know I am the most important and the best for my kids.

My favourite part of being stay at home a mum are the little moments that  I know i would miss if I was working outside our home. Like having my son run over and throw his arms around me , shouting ”mummy”. Or watching him as he kisses his little sister saying ‘‘she is nice ” .

Laughter: I laugh so hard at my sons jokes. He is so smart that even at times when I am not well he does something to surprise me, to make me happy. When my husband and I are having a laugh he will join in and laugh with us even if he’s in the other room. He cracks us down.

Fresh air: Every mom has to take their kids out. They are at the door first thing in the morning. They are happy for the new day that’s come even though we don’t think about it. Going out at the park gives me a fresh start, gives him way to run and spend his energy. I love breathing the fresh air even in a hurry.

Eating: when you think about kids eating you think about a huge mess. There is food on the table,under the table , food on their clothes on their face , head, there’s food everywhere. What gives me joy is the way they think about each other. Alex takes a grape or strawberry and gives one to Juliette saying baby one , me one.. Also sharing with me . He won’t eat if I don’t have something to eat or he’ll share the food he’s eating. The feeling I get I absolutely the best.

When kids fall asleep both in the same time: Mammas who doesn’t love it that they are sleeping and there is some time to relax? Well , I’d love to relax but who does the cleaning? If the house is a mess I am head onto it to make it as nice and clean as possible. Also cooking and having everything ready for my kids when they wake up. It really hard to choose between resting and cleaning but sometimes the most important one wins. Anyway I love it when my kids wake to a cleaner and happier environment.

Playing: kids play a lot throughout the day and when I join in they get very excited. It’s fun to put the stress away and just think of the fun and the happiness you are sharing with your kids. Think as a child , act as a child , be a child for a few minutes it’s absolutely perfect. This is making memories.

Every day is a new day, new activities, new us. It’s the kids that make everything change, make us change. Despite how hard it is to being a great parent, we are not perfect. We all try our best and when the hard times sink in it’s best to remind ourselves the best things we live everyday with our amazing, super energetic kids. These are the precious and fleeting  moments  that are mine to hold forever because I was there to experience them.


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