Less than 10 minutes boys haircut

Less than 10 minutes boys haircut!

This is how I cut my son’s hair using only hair clippings. It’s easy and quick and it takes less than 10 minutes. My son is little so I don’t worry about being judged on how his hair looks. If am only halfway cutting his hair and he asks me to stop I do so before he throws a tantrum. I continue whenever he is feeling better even the next day, I have done it many times. He doesn’t like to go to a hair salon. He cries and gets very upset. I have learnt cutting his hair more each time. I am not a professional hair stylist so this is a simple way I use to cut his hair.

What you’ll need :

Hair trimmer

Clippers (size 6/ size 12/ size 25)


Scissors (optional) only if you know how to use them . Children move very fast and they might get dangerous that’s why I don’t like using them. Firstly we start with a clipper size 6 by cutting the hair evenly. Make sure you go over it many times so you won’t leave any stray hair behind. Behind the ears I always go very gently by holding the ear with one hand and cutting the hair with the other. The line I have created isn’t very straight but when I fade it won’t see at all.

This is section 2 . After creating the line I start cutting with a bigger clipper size 12 . On this section you cut the hair making sure you fade the line between section one and two and it looks evenly. With a hair comb I separate the hair on top of the head so the section 2 look straight. Now for the top section I am going to use Size 25 clipper. I want his hair to be slightly long so I can style them. This clipper size is perfect to cut them how I want. I run it through his hair until I am happy with everything and that’s when the scissors might come to use. If the front hair don’t look very nice and straight you get the comb, and cut them in a straight line without exaggerating and making it too short.

I love how his hair turned out. It’s perfect for little boys and I know the pictures are not perfect . But the hardest part of all is taking pictures.

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