Baking with the kids, A day of fun and disaster

Baking with the kids!

what a great day to bake with the kids! Funny! Interesting and messy of course but we loved it. Kids love to do new things, touch different textures, making shapes and being part of what parents do. Today Alex and Juliette made scones with mummy. Alex was very excited when I showed him what we were going to do and he sat there playing with the rolling-pin and Juliette with the pastry cutter. I mixed all the ingredients  until I formed the dough  and floured the table for all of us to work on and that’s where the mess starts.

I gave them each a piece of dough  to make their scones. Juliette with her tinny hands was squashing the dough and trying to get the rolling-pin with the other hand. I got to take a picture of her, or maybe 20 but only one looks clear. The little cuties wanted to eat the dough so I moved it to the side to help Alex.  He made a scone and went quite for a bit playing , Juliette played  with an eggshell.

I was sure that baking with the kids was going to be crazy so I quickly finished them all and turned my head to Alex. His mouth was full of flour and dough , goodness , he wanted to eat it without baking.  We put the scones in the oven and  Alex was hysterical  ,he was crying and screaming , same as he does when we make pizza. This boy doesn’t like waiting! After a while the scones were done. It was  right in time for tea and we liked them a lot. Sometimes the messier, the funnier , the better! Baking with the kids is definitely fun and a great memories to make .


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