Lauren Juliette 9 month old update

Lauren Juliette 9 month old update

Juliette turned 9 months old  yesterday and I have so much to talk about her. Every day I see her I feel like I am seeing a different baby, she is growing overnight. She is now 9 months same amount of time she spent and grew on mummy’s belly. I have not written about her since she was born so I want to include all her milestones from 6 – 9 months  in this description . At 6 months as small as a minion she was sitting all on her own and showing signs of crawling . Her little upper teeth started making their way out when she turned 7 months and she learned to crawl as far as she could reach her toys but not interested yet to follow her brother and play with him. I got her weight at 7 and a half  months and she was weighing 8 kg 500 g , so good for her age. I loved it when she was 8 months , this is when I saw the biggest change by far  in her.  This baby is bigger and faster, she looks and acts more like the toddler she is going to be than the little baby she really is. Her eyes are turning blue – ish and the hair have grown a little bit.

What she loves at 9 months old:

  • Taking baths
  • Going to the pool
  • Eating strawberries and soft cheese toast
  • The swing
  • Playing with her brother
  •  Going to the library to sing

This month she has mastered crawling and not just that ,she can pull herself up in a  standing  position by holding into something. It’s very interesting to know if she’ll walk before her first birthday or  at 13 months like her brother did. Alex plays crawling with her and she follows him everywhere.  She has got so much stimulation from her brother, talking to her, bringing her toys, singing. Alex has also been jealous lately and he has been hitting her sometimes ( he has overcome his jealousy now) but her reaction is the best. Every time Alex went near her with his hand raised , just about to hit her, she would cry and scream without even being touched and she would look at Alex as if to point  that he is the one making me cry.

Her first words at 8 and a half months : Bye and  BaBa 

It was nap time but she wasn’t sleeping and we got a phone call from nanna and grandpa. We talked for a while and at the end we were  saying Bye and she also said BYE and waved at them. I was so happy to hear her talk  and she has been saying bye and waving since then. She can say Baba too and every time she sees daddy she calls him Baba.

Juliette can clap. She started clapping when we were singing ‘ IF YOU ARE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT’  . We have been practicing walking and its one of her favourite things to do  also  climbing  the stairs while I hold her hands .

Eating:   She is a very good eater and uses her hands all the time to feed. Eating is very messy and she loves to throw food under the table after she is finished with it and also touching her head with her food. Washing hands and face is something she hates to do and tries to move and get away from me .

Sleeping: Juliette has two naps a day one in the morning and on in the afternoon and both naps range from 30 min to 1 hour. During the night she wakes up once or twice to feed and then we wake up at 8:30 or 9 am.

Now she is more interested and curious about going out on a run with her brother than sleeping. We are lots of days out because its summer and every time I put her hat on she takes it off .  Our days are filled with fun , joy and sometimes get tiring too. I love how good she is and how much she loves her brother and he loves her back.


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