My daughter’s birth story- natural

My daughter’s birth story!

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On Tuesday morning around 5 am I woke up having mild contractions . The sun had just started to brighten up and i could tell that my little baby girl was coming on a sunny day. I put my robe on and went downstairs, made myself a tea and sat on the sofa feeling quite uncomfortable and called my midwife to let her know about me.

40 weeks 6 days pregnant felt to have gone so quickly even though i was 6 days overdue. I had been telling myself  a whole week that ‘ today is the day ‘  and it finally was, naturally as i wanted it to be.The blue bouncing ball I had when i was pregnant with my son came to use again, it was the best place to sit and bounce for a while.

My husband and 17 month old son were sleeping upstairs cuddled in bed and i was bored and sleepy so I went and joined in hoping to get some sleep. We woke up around 9 am , had our breakfast  , a little chit-chat and  my husband and son went out for a walk while I cleaned and put the last little things together. After a while when they came back I was ready to have lunch and its so strange at that point to think of food but I needed the energy.

At 12 o’clock i went to take shower , that’s when my contractions started for real. I had my first contraction lasting more than a minute and as strong as it could be, the water falling down my spine felt so good, just as if someone was massaging me. A couple of contractions later i called the hospital to let them know I was going but the nurse on the phone told me that I wasn’t ready after answering all her questions.  It was my second birth and I could say that I knew my body well  so we left.

My husband had to take our son to our  sister-in-law a few minutes away from us so we decided I go on my own. He dropped me in front of the hospital, got my suitcase and just as i arrived at the door I had another strong contraction. I had planed a natural birth so I knew the pain was going to get stronger. Every time a contraction came my feet would start shaking as if i was freezing.

It was 1 pm when I arrived and my midwife was amazing. She examined me straight away and kept encouraging me that everything is going to be fine, talking to me, making sure i was breathing well during contractions.                                                                                We were transferred to another room where the birthing pool was, I loved it, being in warm water felt absolutely incredible. It was past 2pm and  I was doing great with every contraction, my waters had not broken yet. The baby was coming inside the placenta and for  the last few pushes  my energy was dropping and i was loosing all the strength to push.

Another two midwives came in whilst i was pushing for the babies head to come out when i accidentally slipped and went under water.  I took a little rest and saw the babies head out and i said:-  she looks exactly like her brother and I also noticed that the placenta had broken. Now for the last push to bring her out I had no strength  left in my body, i tried but i couldn’t when suddenly a spark of energy i don’t know where it came from and the baby was kicking and moving with that last push to come into my hands.

I hugged my little baby  and gave her a kiss but she wasn’t crying or moving  and i completely froze, my heart dropped and i got very confused. The midwives rubbed her with towels , moved her a little bit and her sweet voice light up my heart. My husband came , he had missed the birth of out little daughter born at 2:25pm  weighting 3.320g.

I laid in bed having her in my chest and loving every second of it. After birth i started having very strong pain, stronger than the contractions. I was shaking and freezing and unable to hold my daughter any longer. My husband held her while the midwives checked and made sure everything is fine. The after birth pain was excruciating and with every child it grows stronger . 20 minutes later i started feeling better but the pain was just as strong every time I breastfed my daughter and it lasted around a week getting better every day.

The best things in life are not the easiest to achieve. She is the most amazing thing that ever happened to us together with her brother. I am happy, proud and grateful to god for having two healthy and wonderful children. We love you unconditionally




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