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Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter – My first

Alex has been wanting a new scooter for a long time now. Every time we went to the park he would run after everyone with a scooter.  We decided to buy the micro  scooter 2+ years  because he really liked it. Among many different colours they offer he chose blue. He was so impatient that we had to unpack it straight away for him to ride it. He looked like he already knew how to do it.

The micro scooter is very easy to ride , of course it takes  a little bit  to get used to it  especially when turning left / right. The handle bar is adjustable  and the handles are soft. The maximum weight is 50 kg  and they can use it up until the age of 5.

^3B6E7598AEE04CEA3FDF1779B7C9A79A7D4F486852F2275929^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOn the back wheel are the brakes which he’ll learn eventually as for now he is not picking up too much speed in order to use them. The visits on the park have become more easy and enjoyable having him distract on his scooter for a while.

Micro’s tips for scooting safely:

  • Protect your head- Every child should wear a helmet to protect their head and feel safe.
  • Be polite to other pavement users- It’s nice to be polite to others and where there isn’t enough room move and make way for them.
  • Walk your scooter across roads-  Walking your scooter is best because you are more alert and its safer for you
  • Keep your scooter  maintained – You should check your scooter before you ride it to make sure it’s safe for you.


It is a really good scooter and Alex is loving it . I’ll also add that its not a cheap one  but hopefully he’ll use it well to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.  It’s very handy and  lightweight  to take everywhere. You can take the handlebar off and carry it but for me its a bit hard to undo it so I prefer to carry it the way it is.

I would recommend it to everyone !

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