Stay at home Mum-Reasons why

Stay at home mum – Reasons why

Becoming a parent is a very big step in life. As maternity leave comes to an end you are thinking whether you should go to work or raise your child yourself. I am a stay at home mum of two beautiful children 17 months apart. Being at home has given me the chance to enjoy the good and the hard times with my little ones. It has taught me to be calm ,patient respect and love my job as a mum. I am not just a mum , i am a housekeeper, nurse,chef ,accountant who tries to do everything for the family.

Every mummy out there does everything whats good for their family and their situation. I enjoy being a stay at home mum and here are some reasons why:

  1. Healthier Diet – I love the fact that i can be there when my children are hungry. Feeding them healthy foods making sure they stay hydrated. Being able to cook every meal from scratch and pack their healthy snacks whenever they like going out. It’s very important to feed your child as healthy as possible because it helps their development ,grows their immune system and keeps them from having diabetes or other illnesses.                                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Hygiene – Who better than a mother can look after their kids. Its  very important to help your child with hygiene . Children are all the time in contact with germs and what goes in their hand goes in their mouth. The fact that i am able to be there clean their hands , change their clothes when they’re dirty its amazing for me. Another thing is that even a potty trained child has little accidents and being  always there to clean them ,help them in any way I can also keeping the house clean makes me a very happy parent.                    
  3. Economical Can you afford childcare? For me paying someone to look after my little ones   would be very expensive,  considering the cost of it my salary would go to pay for the childcare.  The average cost of part time    child minder    is £109.84 per week and that is £5492 out of your salary yearly. If you live in London a nanny is going to cost you around  £25000 per year. So is it worth paying someone to look after your child? This depends on the profession , monthly wage etc.                                                                                      
  4. Happier – Children who stay at home with their parents are happier. My husband works long hours and i can see my son how much he misses him. If both of us were working ,i would be heart-broken not being able to be with them when they really need me. It’s not just happy children but happy parents too. Being a working parent is very stressful thinking about your job,the house ,the children , spouse and his job etc. I truly believe  that it is worth being a stay at home mum especially for the kids.

     5. Memories  – children grow very fast and making memories is very important , you will cherish them forever. I love looking back at all the pictures i take with them, they speak a           million words to me. Whats more children don’t remember about the gifts but the beautiful moments you spent with them. Their first words,first steps, running around with them,          singing their favourite rhymes, ,coming to you when they get hurt. These moments are precious and follow us every step of the way.

Finally we all have different children and as mothers each of us have different challenges and skills too. Many mothers can stay at home in the first and most crucial years of their children and many others would love too. There is no perfect way to bringing up a child but the most important thing is that we love our children more than anything in life.

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